9 Best Escape Rooms in Seattle

As escape room veterans who have done 20+ Seattle escape rooms and 130+ across the United States and Europe, we’re happy to rank our top 9 recommendations for Seattle escape rooms. The ones marked (NEW) are the new additions to this list that we played in May 2017.

Last Updated June 16, 2017.

There are of course many different flavors of escape rooms, so we encourage you to read through our reviews since they contain a lot of nuance, and check out the final section titled “More Personal Recommendations” for some recs that align with your tastes. Our goal for this article is to be useful and for you to find the right escape room for YOU.

This is what we think are the top 9 Seattle escape rooms:

  1. Raven and the Red Death (NEW) – for non-beginners looking for good puzzles and novel gameplay
  2. Peking Dragon – for anyone looking for an immersive story and novel gameplay 🔰
  3. Rise of the Mad Pharaoh – for anyone who likes a high-tech contraption 🔰
  4. Vanishing Act – for anyone who likes good puzzles and design 🔰
  5. Georgetown Morgue (NEW) – for anyone who likes an interactive set 🔰
  6. Dead Man’s Chest – for puzzle enthusiasts
  7. Room 25 Live! – for anyone looking for novel gameplay 🔰
  8. Vault of the Volcano God – for puzzle enthusiasts
  9. Cell Block 12 (NEW) – for anyone who likes an immersive set 🔰

🔰 = beginner friendly

We’ve also tried out 3 “mobile escape rooms” in Seattle that are particularly geared towards team-building or large-group events. You can read our reviews of these three at Mobile Escape Rooms in Seattle.

As always, if you book any of these rooms after hearing about it from us, let your host know that “EscapeRoomTips.com” sent you!

Full disclosure: We have received comped or media-discounted tickets on several of these games and may receive a small share of sales from the links on this page. In particular, we have an affiliate relationship with Epic Team Adventures. We strongly believe that this should not affect any of our reviews, rankings, or recommendations.

Downtown Seattle Image Credit: Tiffany Von ArnimShoutout to Room Escape Artist who provided great reviews and recommendations for when we were out in Seattle.

#1. Raven and the Red Death (NEW) – Epic Team Adventures

Storybook Legends

Storybook Legends is a two-part series of games that includes Raven and the Red Death and Quest for ExcaliburWhile both games take part in the same physical space, they can be played independently and definitely feel like distinct experiences. Raven and the Red Death is our favorite of the two (and favorite in all of Seattle).

We recommend playing Raven and the Red Death before Quest for Excalibur to get the best sense of what the physical space is capable of. If you liked Raven and the Red Death you can consider playing Quest for Excalibur as well.

That being said, Raven and the Red Death has complex gameplay that might not be the best suited for beginners. For beginners interested in ETA we suggest (our #2 pick) The Peking Dragon or Quest for Excalibur (with its more straightforward gameplay) instead.

Quick Facts (Storybook Legends):

  • Play with strangers: Potentially, if you don’t book all the tickets in your slot.
  • Price: $30 per person + tax
  • Team Size: 4-8 players per team (we recommend 4-6).
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
Storybook Legends: Raven and the Red Death

In Raven and the Red Death, you are trapped in the center of the mansion from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death”. You will explore the mansion as you unlock new secrets, puzzles, and paths.

What impressed us the most about this game was the superb use of a digital space in this game to augment the physical space. Fun gameplay mechanisms let players navigate the maze of rooms. The augmented digital space makes the room feel larger and really encourages a sense of exploration. Additionally, the puzzles are tactile, novel, and well-designed, and help the game come together into a satisfying finish.

You’ll like this if… you’re looking for good puzzles and innovative gameplay.

Quick Facts (Raven and the Red Death):


#2. Peking Dragon – Epic Team Adventures

You play as Carmen Sparrow, a private investigator, as you go through your memories and piece together clues in your office in order to solve various cases. The entire game in each episode of The Sparrow Files revolves around a different “film noir” style first-person narrative. More specifically in Episode 1, the case is about the disappearance and retrieval of an artifact: The Peking Dragon.

The story is told through audio and puzzles that progress as you solve more puzzles and use the core mechanic of the room. This automated escape room sets a new standard for how to integrate a compelling story into an escape room (and has by far the best story out of the 130+ that we’ve done). While the setting is a smallish, ordinary-looking office, the high-tech surprises around the room makes the setting a lot more than just ordinary. This is a storytelling adventure with fun cinematic design choices, and earns our vote as the #2 Best Escape Room in Seattle.

You’ll like this if… you’re looking for an immersive story and innovative gameplay.

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Film noir
  • Beginner-friendly: Yes!
  • Opened: August 2016
  • Play with strangers: Potentially, if you don’t book all the tickets in your slot.
  • Price: $30 per person + tax
  • Team Size: 2-6 players per team (we recommend 3-4, but 2 is ok)
  • Duration: 55 Minutes
  • Booking: https://epicteamadventures.com/product/the-peking-dragon/ (Affiliate Link)

#3. Rise of the Mad Pharaoh – Hourglass Escapes


Hourglass Escapes

The famed archaeologist Dr. Carter has retrieved the sarcophagus of King Ah-Ramen-Twostep, but in the process triggered an ancient curse that trapped him inside the chamber. You and your friends, as adventurers, are quickly rushed into his office, along with the sarcophagus. You must solve the various Egyptian-themed puzzles of the sarcophagus and open it up in order to break the curse and rescue Dr. Carter.

The focus of this escape room is definitely the huge (life-sized!), beautifully-designed sarcophagus placed in the middle of the room. The rest of the room is more plain and provides decor and working surfaces. The Sarcophagus is one huge high-tech puzzle box, with various compartments that will open depending on your interactions. The final sequence involves opening the Sarcophagus and saving Dr. Carter. The puzzle materials found in the Sarcophagus are delightfully Egyptian-themed and of a high-quality build.

You’ll like this if… you love a high-tech contraption and high-quality props.

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Egyptian
  • Beginner-friendly: Yes!
  • Opened: October 2016
  • Play with strangers: Potentially, if you don’t book all the tickets in your slot.
  • Price: $30 per person + tax
  • Team Size: 5-9 (we recommend 5-6).
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Booking: https://hourglassescapes.com/

#4. Vanishing Act – Locurio

Picture of the inside of The Vanishing Act by Locurio

Magician Noximillian’s dressing room, featuring his vanishing cabinet.

The room is most commonly just known as “Locurio”.

The great magician Noximillian has some tricks up his sleeve, as his assistants keep mysteriously disappearing after their 13th show. You’re tasked with exploring Noximillian’s dressing room to search for clues on the disappearance of his assistants.

The Vanishing Act’s story arc develops over the course of the game and reaches a quite satisfying conclusion at the end (as long as you can escape!). The earlier part of the game involves polished puzzles in a fun, well-themed Magician’s room. The latter part of the game is the highlight with a bunch of excellent props, set design, and a surprise that’s really fun to operate. The game is packaged nicely in a premium 70-minute experience that even includes some acting.

You’ll like this if… you like polished games with good puzzles and design.

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Magic
  • Beginner-friendly: Yes!
  • Opened: July 2015
  • Play with strangers: Potentially, if you don’t book all the tickets in your slot.
  • Price: $35 per person + tax
  • Team Size: 2-8 players per team (we recommend 5-6)
  • Duration: 70 Minutes
  • Booking: https://www.locurio.com/book/

#5. Georgetown Morgue (NEW) – Seattle Escape Games

Georgetown Morgue is Seattle Escape Game’s second game – brought to you by the same people who brought you Seattle Haunts. You and your team are mortician’s assistants, reporting to work for a day. However, all is not as it seems, and your boss locks you in the morgue and threatens your life unless you can solve his puzzles and escape.

The set in particular of this game is a special treat – as players, you go through multiple rooms all appropriately decorated as an unnerving mortician’s laboratory. Despite the theme and the relationship with Seattle Haunts, this game is not really “scary”. Instead the atmosphere is a bit more spooky or unsettling. Quite a few puzzles involve interacting with the various large set pieces, which we loved. Quite a few other puzzles were less exciting though, focusing on extracting and putting together codes.

Check out their other game Cell Block 12 as well for its realistic set – or come back in September / October to experience their haunt attraction.

You’ll like this if… you like games with great sets and unsettling atmospheres.

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Morgue
  • Beginner-friendly: Yes!
  • Opened: April 2017 (NEW)
  • Play with strangers: Potentially, if you don’t book all the tickets in your slot.
  • Price: $28 per person + tax
  • Team Size: 4-8 players per team (we recommend 4-5)
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Booking: http://www.seattleescapegames.com/Booking.html

#6. Dead Man’s Chest – Epic Team Adventures

This December 2016 room from Epic Team Adventures takes you on a pirate adventure – you must solve puzzles to free the spirits of the dead pirates, who will guide you to a treasure. Dead Man’s Chest is the first game of Epic Team Adventure’s Enigma Box series, where the theme and contents of the room are all contained within a large box in the middle of the room.

The box in the room is impressively large and packs quite a few puzzles. Your solutions to the puzzles can be input via the box, which will display on the projector screen and via audio. The interaction with the box eventually brings you to fight sea monsters and find treasure, which is satisfying, although the initial interactions with the sea monsters feels clunky. However, the finale of the game puts everything together well, which can be an extremely satisfying experience.

You’ll like this if… you like having lots of mini-puzzles to do in parallel.

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Pirate
  • Beginner friendly: Somewhat.
  • Opened: Coming Soon! Room is not yet open to the public.
  • Play with strangers: Potentially, if you don’t book all the tickets in your slot.
  • Price: $30 per person + tax
  • Team Size: 2-8 (we recommend 4-6)
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Booking: https://epicteamadventures.com/product/dead-mans-chest (Affiliate Link)

#7. Room 25 Live – Epic Team Adventures

Room 25 Live! is based of the Room 25 board game. You don’t need to have played the Room 25 board game (we didn’t) in order to enjoy this escape room, although you’ll get helpful context and a much better understanding of the theme. This escape room is quite different than Epic Team Adventure’s other offerings, as it offers more traditional puzzles than their other, more high-tech rooms.

There is a neat mechanism for which before players trigger the escape sequence, they must first figure out and solve the various “traps” in the room. After triggering the escape sequence, players have 5 minutes in order to correctly input the trap solutions, else the players will lose. Fans of traitor-based board games (or enthusiasts who just want something really different) should request the “traitor” mode, where one player tries to secretly sabotage the escape of the rest. The “traitor” twist will prove to be lots of fun for those who like deception-style games!

You’ll like this if… you like escape rooms with novel gameplay

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Room 25 Board Game (futuristic survival gameshow)
  • Beginner-friendly: Yes!
  • Opened: October 2016
  • Play with strangers: Potentially, if you don’t book all the tickets in your slot.
  • Price: $30 per person + tax
  • Team Size: 2-6 (we recommend 3-4, but 2 is ok too)
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Booking: https://epicteamadventures.com/product/room-25-live/ (Affiliate Link)

#8. Vault of the Volcano God – Epic Team Adventures

Illustration of the Volcano God from Vault of the Volcano God.

The Volcano god demands a sacrifice based on the spoils from your solved puzzles.

Vault of the Volcano God is themed around island mythology, with tikis around the room dispensing puzzles for your team to solve. Your ultimate objective is to turn the spoils from the puzzles into points by finding the best way to please the Volcano God. This is not a time-based escape room but a score-based escape room – your objective is to get as many points as possible.

While this is still a high-quality escape room, the formula is very different and this game will not appeal to all escape room fans. This game seems more oriented towards puzzle hunt fans. Teams that are competitive and like solving as many mini-puzzles as possible will have a lot of fun, while teams that prefer fewer, more themed puzzles will not have as much fun. The whole room is built around solving these disjointed mini-puzzles as fast as possible, rendering other elements of the room like the story or theme secondary. The technology where the Tikis dispense puzzles, you input your answers, and you offer your final sacrifice is still quite satisfying.

You’ll like this if… you like lots and lots of mini-puzzles.

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Island Mythology
  • Beginner-friendly: Somewhat – the mechanisms are new and different and could potentially be overwhelming for first-timers. This room will appeal more to puzzle fans.
  • Opened: July 2016
  • Play with strangers: Potentially, if you don’t book all the tickets in your slot.
  • Price: $30 per person + tax
  • Team Size: 3-10 players per team (we recommend 3-5). Unless you’re aiming for a high score, a small team size works better here since there’s a resource in the game that will get too crowded with too many people.
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Booking: https://epicteamadventures.com/vault-of-the-volcano-god (Affiliate Link)(We played both Episode 1: The Break of Day and Episode 2: Burning Noontime. Episode 2 is similar to Episode 1 but with harder puzzles. We recommend playing Episode 1 first because its easier.) 

#9. Cell Block 12 (NEW) – Seattle Escape Games


Cell Block 12 is Seattle Escape Game’s first game – made by the same people who made a yearly haunt experience next door (Seattle Haunts). Like most other prison escape rooms, you and your friends find yourselves in jail and you must work together in order to break out and escape.

This game has by far the best set out of any other prison escape room that we’ve experienced – the cells are stark and bare and you’ll be itching to get out and escape. The game succeeds that encouraging a sense of discovery and progression as you discover new rooms, although the puzzles can be a little more flat and procedural than some other escape rooms in Seattle. Still a fun game, great for beginners especially!

Check out their other game Georgetown Morgue as well for its set – or come back in September / October to experience their haunt attraction.

You’ll like this if… you like prison games with great sets.

Quick Facts

  • Theme: Prison
  • Beginner-friendly: Yes!
  • Opened: March 2017 (NEW)
  • Play with strangers: Potentially, if you don’t book all the tickets in your slot.
  • Price: $28 per person + tax
  • Team Size: 4-8 players per team (we recommend 4-5)
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Booking: http://www.seattleescapegames.com/Booking.html

Runner Ups

There are two games that just missed the list but still might appeal to our readers:

  • Eventide Departure – Puzzle Break
    • This beginner-friendly game has a great high-tech set, although the puzzles didn’t appeal to us as much as enthusiasts. This game is always private and you won’t be placed with strangers, although the price is a flat $150 + tax regardless of how many you bring (2-5).
  • Midnight Carnival – Puzzle Break
    • This beginner-friendly game is our top-recommended game for large groups (10-12). For smaller groups we recommend the other games on this list. Puzzle Break is very popular so you’ll almost certainly be playing with strangers unless you book out the entire room.

More Personalized Recommendations

We’ve put together more personalized recommendations based on what you might be looking for in an escape room.

  • Design – Raven and the Red Death, Locurio, Peking Dragon
  • Story – Peking Dragon
  • Puzzles – Madness from the Sea, Raven and the Red Death, Locurio
  • Set – Georgetown Morgue, Cell Block 12, and Eventide Departure all have nice sets.
  • Value – Madness from the Sea. Excellent price for a 2 hour game.
  • Technology – Raven and the Red Death, Peking Dragon, Rise of the Mad Pharaoh, Vault of the Volcano God
  • Novel Gameplay – Raven and the Red Death, Peking Dragon, Room 25 Live

More recommendations based on who you’re bringing:

  • For beginners – Check out Peking Dragon, Rise of the Mad Pharaoh, Locurio, Georgetown Morgue, Cell Block 12, Eventide Departure, or Midnight Carnival
  • For escape room enthusiasts: Raven and the Red Death in particular is a complex novel game that should be particularly appealing to enthusiasts. Please read through the reviews and I think you’ll be able to find something else that sounds appealing to you!
  • For couples / groups of 2: Peking Dragon and Room 25! Live are doable as a group of 2. Eventide Departure is also doable as a group of 2 but very expensive.
  • For large groups: Try Puzzle Break’s Midnight Carnival – it can hold 12 people comfortably and definitely has enough to do.

Map: Seattle Area Escape Rooms

Please contact us if we’re missing any or if you would like your room to be added to this map!

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  1. Locurio also has a mobile game, ‘The Falswift Objective,’ which is designed for groups of 25+ players! It’s a spy thriller set in a 1960s era casino, a la James Bond.

  2. Thanks for posting this! My family loved Conundroom’s Ex Machina, and Locurio’s The Vanishing Act. We found Raven and the Red Death to be not very enjoyable- too small a space (for our group of 7), with not enough narrative and connectivity between the puzzles (also, really poor human interaction before game- the kid running it was shoving clues down our throats when we didn’t want them and seemed primarily bored and wanting us gone).

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