Hi there! We are William and Yuan. We do a lot of escape rooms together (currently 170+ and counting!). We’ve been hooked ever since we played our first games back in 2013 – Escape the Mysterious Room and Escape the Time Travel Lab by SCRAP in San Francisco.

We are based in San Francisco, CA, so our main area of focus is California escape rooms (in particular SF Bay Area and Los Angeles). However, we love travelling in general and try to do rooms wherever we end up. We’ve written about rooms in the following markets: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Boston, London, and Paris.

William runs the blog and writes all of the posts. Yuan does games with William, and gives feedback on every post. Besides travelling for escape rooms, we also travel for food.

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William and Yuan after HintHunt’s Submarine room in Paris, France


Media Mentions

  • We were one of the four panelists who helped nominate games for USA Today’s “2017 Best Escape Room” contest (our blog post).

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This blog is a passion and an obsession for us, but we do make money on this blog through affiliate links and ads. The revenue is enough to cover the costs of running the website, but definitely not enough to cover our escape room habit. We also sometimes get media-discounted or comped tickets to escape rooms. These benefits incentivize us to keep our content up to date for our readers.

We know that the revenue sources create potential conflicts of interest. We strongly believe that any financial incentives do not influence our opinions, reviews, or rankings. We will offer a disclosure when these potential conflicts of interest appear in a post.

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  1. Hi William. Do you find that after doing 60+ rooms that the riddles become similar and therefore easier to figure out? I would imagine that your success rate for rooms is pretty high now?

    1. Hi Randy! There’s basically almost an unlimited supply of possible puzzles, so for good rooms we’re still expecting fun, challenging, novel puzzles. We’ve definitely gotten a lot harder to impress with more rooms. Our success rate is high but definitely not 100%. We typically play with team sizes that are close to the minimum possible, so that balances out our experience in terms of escape rate.

      1. Cool. Nice blog! I’ve done 6 rooms so far in US/Canada and my favorite ones are the Breakout (from Malaysia) franchises as they are more physical (i.e. no folder with crosswords and actually no pen or paper at all). Will start exploring more and probably do a few in SF this weekend! Actually going down your list and trying out ones that look good.

  2. Thanks for reviewing Escape Rooms in Seattle! It’s helpful to read your blog to plan for an upcoming party. Keep it up. -Stacy

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