4 Best Escape Rooms in Boston 2017

We’ve done 8 escape rooms in Boston (and more in the surrounding Boston area) and will update this list every time we’re back in the area. Here’s our opinion of the best escape rooms in Boston:

  1. Clock Tower – Escape the Room
  2. Pirate’s Booty II – Room Escapers
  3. Hustler – Trapology
  4. Retreat – Trapology

This “best” list above only covers Boston itself, although we have some special mentions for  notable options outside of the city:

  • Boda Borg (Malden, MA) (challenge courses)
  • 5 Wits (Foxboro, MA) (immersive adventures)
  • Wicked Escapes (Saugus, MA)

Shoutout to local enthusiast James Cobalt for helping us provide recommendations while we were out there. If you book any of these rooms, let your host your know that “EscapeRoomTips.com” sent you!

Full Disclosure: We have received media-discounted tickets to one room on this list. We strongly believe that this should not affect our reviews, opinions, or rankings. The Groupon link at the end of this list is an affiliate link, which means we may receive a small commission if you book through it.

Boston Common Image Credit: Yuan Jiang

#1. Clock Tower – Escape the Room Boston

Clock tower specifically is a special treat for Boston escape room enthusiasts. This NYC-based company has brought over what we think is their “best” room to their Boston location. This is the most high-tech and interactive escape room in Boston. The puzzles mostly involve playing with various tangible parts of the elaborate setting, and there are plenty of fun “magical” experiences to experience in this room as you explore the tech.

Avoid the Apartment and the Dig at this location and go straight for the Clock Tower. This company is very popular, so strangers will likely join you and push the team size beyond what might be comfortable for puzzling.

Note: we played this game at the NYC location, but we’ve confirmed that the room is the same in both locations, just with a different layout.

#2. Pirate’s Booty II – Room Escapers

Pirate’s Booty II is a sequel and upgrade to Room Escapers’ original game at this location: Pirate’s Booty. This is the best Boston escape room for families, large teams, and groups with beginners. This is a large, expansive space that can fit a large group of 10. This game is packed with fun puzzles and discovery that should excite both enthusiasts and beginners alike.

We especially appreciate this company’s player-friendly business decisions, with guaranteed private games for groups of 7 or more (or 5+ on Tuesdays), and a generous buffer time of 60 minutes between games.

#3. Hustler – Trapology Boston


The Hustler is the second of three games at Trapology Boston. This particular game is split team, although communication is not the bottleneck here. This is the best Boston escape room for players for who like a puzzle frenzy. The game splits up into multiple streams of puzzling, and stays parallel until the very end of the game. The puzzles are numerous and require making associations between the huge number of items in the game.

The set is busy and packed and there are some nice high-quality props, but the layout of the room easily creates physical bottlenecks for large teams (especially at the max team size). This is our favorite room at Trapology Boston out of their three.

#4. Retreat – Trapology Boston


The Retreat is Trapology Boston’s third and newest game. This is an immersive-environment game suitable for small groups. The max team size is an intimate five, since anything more would make the room incredibly cramped. We appreciated the wall-to-wall decor throughout the small space and how it changed (and the story progressed) as the players progressed through various parts of the game.

The game does incorporate (and warn players about) strobe lights. We thought the strobe effect was a bit over-done and uncomfortable. Drunk Tank is another good game at this location but we’d mostly recommend it for beginners.

Special Mention: Boda Borg (Malden)

To be clear, Boda Borg is not an escape room. Rather, Boda Borg is collection of 20-or-so “quests”, featuring a roughly even mix between physical challenges and mental challenges. Each “quest” is solved through many rounds of trial-and-error, where sometimes the greatest challenge is figuring out what exactly you’re supposed to do.

Boda Borg is a must-do for any visiting escape room enthusiast. However, beware, this location is also very popular with kids, and having a full house during the time that you’re going can severely impact your fun. Go during non-weekends to avoid the crowds.

  • Price: $20 per player for two hours, $30 per player for full day
  • Players: 3-5 (no strangers will be added to your team, although there will be plenty of other teams at the facility)
  • Booking: http://bookings.bodaborg.com/index.php (we’ve never seen any discount codes for Boda Borg)

Special Mention: 5 Wits (Foxboro)

In Espionage, you'll have to pass through this laser maze to enter the target's base.

We consider the two adventures at 5 Wits Foxboro escape rooms (others may disagree). The most significant thing that makes people disagree about the categorization is the in-character guides. Both adventures feature in-character guides, who will guide you through the puzzles and push your group along the adventure.

5 Wits features large-scale adventures that set an extremely high standard for escape rooms in terms of high-tech interactivity and movie-quality set design. The tech works almost flawlessly and is amazingly robust. This is a blast for any escape room enthusiast.

  • Price: $20 per player for one game. $25 per player for both games.
  • Players: 2-12 (maybe strangers)
  • Booking: You can’t reserve any particular slot, so there’s no need to make a booking. You can just show up! If you really want to make a booking online, you can at http://5-wits.com/tickets-foxboro/ (we’ve never seen any discount codes for this location)

Special Mention: Wicked Escapes (Saugus)


Wicked Escape feature three games: we’d recommend two of them: The Hole and Museum Heist. The Hole is a 30-minute experimental game that takes place in the pitch dark. While we haven’t played Museum Heist, we’ve heard great things from other enthusiasts about its immersive set with large, physical puzzles and props.

Keep in mind that Saugus is out of the way from Boston and not reachable by the T. It may be too out-of-the-way for tourists, but locals and people with a car should check it out. Play both if you’re in the area, since the Hole is too short of a game to make a special trip for.

  • Price: $20 per player for Hole (after discount code), $25 per player for Museum Heist (after discount code)
  • Players: 2-8 players for Hole (no strangers), 2-12 players for Museum Heist (maybe strangers)
  • Booking: http://www.wickedescapes.net/  (get $5 off each ticket with promo code ERT5)

If you’re new to escape room games and are looking for some tips and tricks, check out our post: Top 23 Tips & Tricks to Win Escape Room Games. If you’re travelling to NYC, check out our post 10 Best Escape Rooms in New York City 2017. If you’re looking for a deal, there are often Groupons (affiliate link) available for escape rooms in the Boston area.


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  1. One more room escape facility is open in Malden on June the first. They totally have 3 themes. Now they just have two themes opened which are “The secret chamber” (Egyptian Theme) and ” The Half Treasure Map” (pirate theme). Rooms are full of sensors and triggers. Puzzles are challenging but doable.

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