10 Best Escape Rooms in Boston

As frequent Boston-area visitors and former residents for 4 years, we’ve done 12 Boston escape rooms (including escape-room-like adventures) and are ranking the 10 that we’d recommend to our readers.

Our take on the “best” escape rooms in Boston is the following:

  1. Mystery of the Magician’s Study – Boxaroo (CLOSED TEMPORARILY)
  2. The Hustler – Trapology Boston
  3. Drunk Tank – Trapology Boston
  4. Pirate’s Booty – Room Escapers (currently updated to Pirate’s Booty II)
  5. The Hole – Wicked Escapes
  6. Trapped in a Room with a Zombie – Room Escape Adventures
  7. Still Hungry – Room Escape Adventures

We’ve also included these three “rooms” from two local companies. While they’re not escape rooms, we’d highly recommend all three of these to any escape room enthusiast!

  1. Boda Borg Boston
  2. 20,000 Leagues – 5 Wits Foxboro
  3. Espionage – 5 Wits Foxboro

If you have any more suggestions for some that should be included in this list but aren’t, feel free to contact us or leave a comment! If you schedule any of these rooms, let your host know that “EscapeRoomTips.com” sent you!

#1. Mystery of the Magician’s Study – Boxaroo (CLOSED TEMPORARILY)

You sneak into the study of the famed magician Marvoilo, tasked with understanding some of his deepest secrets. Opened in March 2016, Mystery of the Magician’s Study is Boston’s most high-tech escape room adventure, located right near the Government Center.

Outstanding Features

Expect teamwork and magical surprises in Boston’s #1 escape room. Mystery of the Magician’s Study is a high-tech contraption with tech carefully tuned so that the whole room feels like Magic. You’ll also get a report at the end with your stats!

You’ll like Mystery of the Magician’s Study if…

You enjoy high-tech escape rooms, you enjoy puzzles that are built into the room itself, you enjoy it when things in the room happen “magically”, you like magic, you like well-themed rooms, you want to get stats at the end to see how you compare to other teams.

Quick Facts

  • Location: 55 Court St. Boston, MA, 02108 (Blue Line @ Government Center)
  • Price, Size, Duration: $28 per person / $225 per team. 5-9 players per team. 60 Minutes.
  • Booking: Make a Booking (Closed for renovations until TBD)


#2. The Hustler – Trapology Boston

After amassing a large debt gambling in Chinatown, you are locked in the back room of a Chinese restaurant. Your friends enter through the restaurant to try to free you. Opened in April 2016, This is the second and most recent of Trapology Boston’s games.

Outstanding Features

This is a split-team game where the communication mechanism does not become a bottleneck. The theme is unique and executed through a bunch of high quality “props”, many of which are real-life objects turned into puzzles. There’s a bunch of stuff to do in this room.

You’ll like The Hustler if…

You want to play a restaurant-themed room. You like split-team games. You want a room with a ton to do and a ton of objects to sift through. You like rooms with multiple objectives other than just escaping. You like instant ramen.

Quick Facts


#3. Drunk Tank – Trapology Boston

After a late night pub crawl, you and your friends become unconscious and wake up in handcuffed inside of a Jail Cell. You must discover the secrets of this prison and escape! Opened in July 2015, Drunk Tank is the first game by Trapology Boston.

Outstanding Features

Drunk Tank is particularly in-depth for a jail-themed escape room game, and comes with plenty of puzzles, surprises, and things to find! This is fun for friends since everyone can contribute something. The game hosts are great as well.

You’ll like Drunk Tank if…

You like games with lots of stuff to do, you like searching for hidden objects and symbols, you like games with interesting twists, you like games with a developing story, you like Prison-themed escape rooms, you don’t mind being handcuffed.

Quick Facts


#4. Pirate’s Booty – Room Escapers

NOTE: This review is for Pirate’s Booty, which has been closed and upgraded to Pirate’s Booty II. While we haven’t played Pirate’s Booty II, we’re pretty sure it’s an upgraded experience!

A local treasure hunting company has enlisted you and your friends to break into the office of a local tech startup, activate their time machine, and discover the map that will lead to a legendary treasure. This is Room Escapers’ first game, released October 2015.

Outstanding Features

The energy and enthusiasm of your game master (who is also the owner) complements the fun story of Pirate’s Booty, as you enter the time machine and delve into the pirate’s lair. You’ll get to unfurl scrolls and open chests in this pirate-themed game.

You’ll like Pirate’s Booty if…

You secretly wish you were a pirate. You love a game with a cute story. You like energetic and welcoming hosts. You like surprises. You want a high chance of escape with no limits on the number of hints you can ask for.

Quick Facts


#5. The Hole – Wicked Escape



This is a picture of the room (not really but it might as well be).

Some crazy person has trapped you in a room that is pitch black, and you’re tasked with collecting the right items in order to open the door an escape. Opened in October 2016, this is the second and most recent of Wicked Escape’s Rooms.

Outstanding Features

This experience is incredibly unique – we haven’t heard of any other escape rooms that use this concept. You’ll have to abandon some of your usual escape room strategies and rely on touch and making a mental model of what the room “looks” like.

You’ll like The Hole if…

You like experimental escape rooms. You want to do something really different. You can work as a team without visual cues. You’re ok sticking your hand into unknown places. You’d like to be a bit more adventurous in your escape room choices.

You won’t like The Hole if…

You’re scared of the dark (although if you get too scared the exit is always unlocked and visible). You want to do puzzles (this one is mostly about searching and tasks). You get scared easily. You want a full escape room experience (this one is experimental).

Quick Facts

  • Location: 425R Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906 (Very difficult to reach via public transit)
  • Price, Size, Duration: $15 per person with promo code ERT5, Up to 8 people (No strangers will be placed in your group), 30 minutes
  • Booking: Make a Booking (Use promo code ERT5 for $5 off every ticket)


#6. Trapped in a Room with a Zombie – Room Escape Adventures


You are literally trapped in a room with a zombie.

Dr. Oxy has transformed himself into a Zombie, and you must quickly solve a sequence of puzzles before his chain extends and he eats you. Opened in 2014, this Trapped in a Room with a Zombie franchise location was the first ever escape room game available in Boston.

Outstanding Features

This is a hilarious thrill with a group of coworkers or friends, as the puzzle solving will turn into moments of chaos as your team distracts and stays away from the zombie. The game masters and zombie actor are high-energy and help you have a great time.

You’ll like Trapped in a Room with a Zombie if…

You like zombies, you like chaotic thrills, you’re doing some sort of team-building event, you like having energetic hosts and actors in your room, you like rooms with a ton of random stuff to do, you like yelling a lot, you like rooms that discounts itself fairly often.

You won’t like Trapped in a Room with a Zombie if…

You’re expecting a modern escape room run by technology, with well-themed puzzles and multiple rooms. This escape room comes from a much older generation of escape rooms (2014 is considered old now), that were low on tech and mostly full of random puzzles.

Quick Facts

#7. Still Hungry – Room Escape Adventures

The sequel to Trapped in a Room with a Zombie is quite similar to its predecessor.

Dr. Oxy is back for more chaotic thrills in the sequel that’s themed very closely to the original. Opened in 2016 across multiple franchise locations, “Still Hungry” is a second version of the original “Trapped in a Room with a Zombie” formula.

Outstanding Features

The sequel to the pioneering Trapped in a Room with a Zombie is the same hilarious thrill with any group of coworkers or friends. The puzzles and tasks are a little bit more high-tech than the first game in this slightly more linear adventure with the same Dr. Oxy.

You’ll like or dislike Still Hungry if…

You liked or disliked their first game: Trapped in a Room with a Zombie. It’s basically more of the same thing.

Quick Facts


Special Mention: Boda Borg Boston

Boda Borg Boston is not an escape room but deserves an unranked special mention on this list as a must-do for escape room enthusiasts.

What is Boda Borg?

Boda Borg is not an escape room. Boda Borg Boston is a “questing” facility with 17+ “quests” and a Swedish-born history going back to the mid 1990’s. Far predating escape rooms, their formula is fresh, novel, and appealing to any escape room enthusiast. This franchise location opened in 2015.

Their “quests” are on average much more physical in nature, solved mostly through trial-and-error, require no reading, and rely mostly on guessing what the right thing to do is and executing on it. Boda Borg’s style is especially appealing and appropriate for families with young children. While not an escape room, I’d still recommend this as a must-do for any escape room enthusiast.

Outstanding Features

Boda Borg Boston is a theme park for escape room enthusiasts, combining tactile puzzles, excellent design, and physical challenges in a family-friendly “questing” facility. Their “quests” can keep you challenged for a whole day, which is amazing value for just $28.

You’ll like Boda Borg Boston if…

You like the idea of physical challenges (including a lot of crawling around), you want a huge amount of variety, you want something to do with young kids, you want great value for your money, you want to spend 2+ hours “questing”, you don’t give up easily.

You won’t like Boda Borg Boston if…

You don’t like physical challenges or crawling.

Quick Facts

  • Location: 90 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148 (Orange Line @ Malden Center)
  • Price, Size, Duration: $18 per person for 2 hours, $28 per person for a full day. 3-5 players per team. Unlimited retries and quests per session.
  • Reservation: Make a Reservation (Reservations are basically necessary on weekends or holidays, as they very likely become full. Reservations recommended on weekdays).


Special Mention: 20,000 Leagues & Espionage – 5 Wits Foxboro

5 Wits Foxboro is not an escape room but also deserves an unranked special mention on this list as a must-do for escape room enthusiasts.

In Espionage, you’ll have to pass through this laser maze to enter the target’s base.

What is 5 Wits?

5 Wits is not an escape room. It is more like a amusement park attraction, with a “guide” in character guiding you through multiple rooms with movie-quality set design and production value. There are two unique adventures in their Foxboro location for guests to play.

There are puzzles in each room that are simpler than normal escape room puzzles but involve interaction with the various components of the set. You have a set time to solve the puzzles in each room, else you will be guided through to the next room by the host.

Beyond hosting adventure rooms, 5 wits also creates various mechanical / interactive exhibits for museums, productions, and even theme parks. They started hosting their adventure rooms in Boston in 2004, far earlier than any escape room.

20,000 Leagues

Your guide takes you on an underwater adventure in Jules Verne’s Nautilus, where you must repair the ship and fight an underwater creature in order to resurface on land. Our guide for this adventure was incredibly enthusiastic in this beautifully-decorated set.


Your group and your guide are tasked with a top-secret mission to infiltrate the enemy base and gather critical intelligence. This game has objectives throughout the game that will lead you to any one of the 5 different endings, depending on your performance.

Outstanding Features

Their large-scale adventures raise the bar in terms of movie-quality set design, storyline, and interactivity with the set, creating a fantastically immersive experiences. Their tech just works well, is amazingly robust, and is a blast for any adventure enthusiast (especially kids).

You’ll like 5 Wits Foxboro if…

You’ve ever wondered what’s like to be a hero in your own movie or video game. You love fantastic set design and Disneyland attractions. You’re brining your kids. You want great value for your money. You’re ok with energetic hosts guiding you through puzzles.

You won’t like 5 Wits Foxboro if…

You want to be able to do puzzles on your own schedule, not with forced guidance from a host.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Patriot Place, 202 Patriot Pl, Foxborough, MA 02035 (Next to Gillette Stadium). It’s quite far from Boston and you’ll need a car, but for escape room enthusiasts who haven’t done a 5 Wits before, it’s worth a special trip.
  • Price, Size, Duration: $20 per person for one adventure, $25 per person for two adventures. 1-12 people per team. ~60 minutes per adventure.
  • Buy Tickets: Buy Tickets (Buying tickets ahead of time is really not necessary. Just show up there and buy tickets for the next available adventure. We’d recommend going during a less crowded time to reduce the variance that might come in the experience due to strangers / kids in your party).


More Rooms

Here are some brief notes on other rooms in the Boston Area that we’ve heard good things about but we haven’t gotten to play yet:

  • Cell Block 4 and Museum Heist – Wicked Escapes (Saugus, MA) – A prison-themed and an Museum Heist room run by Wicked Escapes in Saugus, MA. Book one or both along with The Hole when you visit (and use promo code ERT5 for a $5 discount). Make a booking.
  • Escape from Death Row – Amaze Escape (Arlington, MA) – This prison-themed room has the special distinctive of actually taking place in real jail cells in the former location of the Arlington Police Department. Make a booking.

Here are two rooms available in Boston that we would not recommend:

  • The Office – Escape the Room Boston (Boston, MA). We played this room back when it was released in 2014 in New York City. It was great for its time as one of the first escape rooms in the US, but is outdated now due to its limited scope, theme, and imagination. We would not recommend this room.
  • The Apartment – Escape the Room Boston (Boston, MA). We haven’t played this room but we’ve heard that it’s similar to the Office in terms of overall quality.


Map: Boston Escape Rooms

We’ve compiled a map of all of the escape rooms in the Boston area. Please contact us if we’re missing an escape room!


The market for Boston area escape rooms is growing, with quite a few gems popping up made with love and character. Interestingly, the most unique parts of the Boston escape room scene are not actually the escape rooms themselves, but the availability of two adventure room companies: Boda Borg Boston and 5wits Foxboro.

Some more specific recommendations:

  • For beginners: Drunk Tank, Pirate’s Booty, Trapped in a Room with a Zombie, and Still Hungry are particularly good for beginners.
  • For team building or adult birthday parties: Same recommendation as “for beginners”
  • For kids: Bring your kids to Boda Borg or 5 Wits! These are both extremely kid-friendly experiences at comparatively low prices.
  • If you like high-tech escape rooms: Boxaroo, Boda Borg, and 5 Wits are your choices. All of those are run by a complex set of sensors and switches that trigger surprises around the room.
  • If you want an adrenaline rush: Try either of the zombie ones by Room Escape Adventures.For travelling escape room enthusiasts: Try Boda Borg and 5 Wits for something really different and only really available in this area.
  • You’re a tourist and trying to fit something into your busy schedule: Boxaroo, Trapology Boston, and Room Escapers are all in the main tourist area of Boston.

If you’re new to escape room games and are looking for some tips and tricks, check out our post: Top 21 Tips & Tricks to Win Escape Room Games

Boston Common Image Credit: Yuan Jiang / EscapeRoomTips.com

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  1. One more room escape facility is open in Malden on June the first. They totally have 3 themes. Now they just have two themes opened which are “The secret chamber” (Egyptian Theme) and ” The Half Treasure Map” (pirate theme). Rooms are full of sensors and triggers. Puzzles are challenging but doable.

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