How to Make Escape Room Friends

This post is meant for either people who want to play a particular escape room but need more people in order to 1) reach the hard minimum for that game or 2) make booking the room much more economical. This especially applies to travelling escape room enthusiasts who are looking for a team outside of their normal region.

You can always try converting friends, coworkers, and acquaintances into escape room friends first. But in the event that that doesn’t work, try posting in an local escape room enthusiast community! These local communities typically form on Facebook or You can also book a public-booking game at a popular escape room in your area and you’ll run into other escape room parties as well.

An example of a (hopefully) successful call for teammates!

The largest and most active English-language escape room community is the Escape Room Enthusiasts group on Facebook, with 6.5k+ members and multiple posts each day. That one not appropriate to post about searching for teammates, but is worth joining for a bunch of other reasons!

Here’s the list of English-speaking region-based escape room communities that we know of.

Local Escape Room Groups & Meetups

We’re trying to compile all active escape room groups with over 40 members in English-speaking countries. If you know of any we missed, please leave a comment or contact us!

North America West Coast

Rest of North America

UK, Australia, and New Zealand

If you decide you don’t want new escape room friends and still want to play with a smaller-than-minimum team size, certain games may allow you to “Puppet” (h/t Room Escape Artist) which means that you are allowed to call in the game master at certain points in the game in order to complete a certain task. You can ask the company if this is allowed.

Happy escaping!

Companion Cube screenshot by Tom Francis.

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