Castle Under Siege – SCRAP (Review)

This is a classic SCRAP escape room that will be a delight for Attack on Titan fans.

Story and Background

This is an official calibration between SCRAP and Attack on Titan. The escape room takes place in their Japantown location, in the former space that Real Zero Escape / Time Travel Lab occupied.

You and your teammates play members of the logistics squad of the Survey Corps (the warriors in the Anime / Manga Attack on Titan that defend mankind from Titans). You’re trapped in a ruined castle and must be resourceful with what you have in order to fend off the titans and save Mikasa and Armin (and all of humanity).

Quick facts:

  • Theme: Attack on Titan
  • Good for beginners: Yes, absolutely! SCRAP games are very beginner friendly and usually offer plenty of opportunities for beginners to contribute.
  • Play with strangers: Likely, if you didn’t buy all 10 tickets in your slot.
  • Location: 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St. #200, Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • Players: 10 tickets per slot
  • Price: $35 per person
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Overall Rating: ★★★★
  • Booking:

What we liked

  • Fun Attack on Titan storyline and references – This game manages to bring in a bunch of Attack on Titan references that are a delight for fans. This ranges from the small references to parts of the anime / manga throughout the mini-puzzles, custom voiceovers from Armin and Mikasa (not the original voice actors, but resembling their voices), and key plot points that reference important knowledge from the anime and manga. The story was fun and built up to the satisyfing climax. Knowledge of the series is definitely not required to enjoy this game, but it helps a lot since the whole game is a tribute to the series.
  • Engaging in-character gamemaster – The game master for our game was engaging and in-character for the whole game, delivering plenty of memorized lines that push the story of the game, create a sense of urgency of the game, and make the story more than just an overlapping narrative. Our gamemaster was the most immersive part of the experience.
  • Final puzzle – SCRAP is famous for it’s “final puzzle”, almost always the most difficult puzzle of the game. We won’t give any spoilers, but this was one of our favorite ones.

What could have been improved

  • Too many mini-puzzles of the same theming – SCRAP always has at least one round of mini-puzzles, that come together to solve a “meta puzzle” that lets the team-members advance to the next round. The successive rounds of these puzzles did not feel quite distinct enough to make them more special in some way.
  • You’ll need to role-play a bit to feel immersed – The set itself is not sufficient in order to feel like you’re part of a story (this was the norm for SCRAP games until their Mummy game came along). The hope for the game is bold, and you’ll have to suspend some disbelief in order to feel like the scenario around you is unfolding as the story suggests.

Overall Recommendation ★★★★

This SCRAP escape room follows the general format of SCRAP escape rooms that we’ve experienced in the US. There are rounds of mini-puzzles, that once solved unlock more and more of the story. At a critical part, you have access to the final puzzle, which is usually devilishly difficult and is usually the most memorable moment of the game.

For Attack on Titan fans, this is a great way to experience the series again with a little bit of role-playing of your own. There are plenty of fun references to the series (including an in-game actor), and the story is quite fun.

Overall, this game is a classic SCRAP-style game with a fun Attack on Titan storyline. This isn’t the strongest of the SCRAP escape rooms in LA, since it’s missing elements that make truly stand out (like Mummy’s set, or Real Zero Escape’s game mechanics). Still, if you’re willing to role-play a bit, are a SCRAP fan, or are a fan of the series, this game can definitely be a delight.

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Full disclosure: SCRAP comped our tickets for this game.


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