New Escape Rooms in the San Francisco Bay Area (2018)

We’re San Francisco-based escape room enthusiasts that run a regularly-updated list of our pick of the our favorite escape rooms at:

We’re starting this regularly-curated list as a complement to our usual “best” lists.

If you know of a new game that we haven’t put on this list, give us a shout at contact us. Thanks to Rich of ClueKeeper, the Escape Room Slack channel, and Bay Area Escape Room Enthusiasts for sharing new rooms with us.

Last Updated February 2, 2018

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4 thoughts on “New Escape Rooms in the San Francisco Bay Area (2018)

  1. Thanks for mentioning Game the Room! 😀 We’re also opening a second room, “Skeleton Key,” in the next few weeks, and it will blend Victorian time travel and pirates!

  2. Just did the Inventor’s Workshop in Windsor today, 12/30/17. It’s difficult, but would have been a little bit easier if the other 4 didn’t bring their toddlers!! They were grabbing things, putting things in their mouth & swinging a cane around. As it turns out that group knew someone who works there.

    1. That sounds really frustrating – usually we luck out with strangers in the group but have had poor experiences with some strangers as well. I would hope that Windsor would enforce their age limits (if they have any) better, especially to improve the experience of mixed groups. Have you contacted the owners?

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