3 Mobile Escape Rooms in Seattle

We’re San Francisco-based escape room enthusiasts who have done 20+ escape rooms in Seattle and 3 “mobile escape room” offerings available in Seattle. These are “escape rooms” that can be packed up and transported to your office or event for some sort of team-building, birthday, party, or any other sort of event.

We haven’t tried all of the “mobile escape rooms” in Seattle. If we do get the opportunity to play them in the future we will add them here.

There are at least two other companies that offer a “mobile escape room” experience for your corporate event or party: Locurio offers The Falswift Objective for groups of 24-72 people, and Puzzle Break offers A Hollywoodland Mystery for groups of 6-500 people.

For our list of non-mobile escape room recommendations in Settle, check out 10 Best Escape Rooms in Seattle.

Full disclosure: We have received comped or media-discounted tickets on several of these games and may receive a small share of sales from the links on this page. In particular, we have an affiliate relationship with Epic Team Adventures. We strongly believe that this should not affect any of our reviews, rankings, or recommendations.

#1. Scotland Yard – Epic Team Adventures

Scotland Yard: The Baker Street Affair is a 1-hour game for up to 25 people that many teams can play together simultaneously. You and your team are tasked with solving a murder mystery on Scotland Yard – the detective-extraordinaire Sherlock Holmes is the prime suspect and you must work together to clear his name.

This particular game requires an extensive setup so is best for corporate groups who are interested in sending up to 25 people through a puzzle adventure game simultaneously. The players in this game are required to be mobile as well – the game involves walking around the set and visiting various “shops” in order to collect the information you need to solve puzzles, and private “pods” to interact with the set in various escape-room-like ways.

This is a refreshing take on an corporate offsite event, and we think this approach a lot better than the usual “scavenger hunt” or even “puzzle hunt” types of large-group team-building events. Moving around the shops and interacting with the pods are a lot of fun, and this is a great game for a mix of beginner and expert puzzle solvers in a corporate offsite environment.

Quick Facts (to play at either their Belltown location or to rent for your location)

  • Beginner-friendly: Yes!
  • Opened: June 2017 (NEW)
  • Play with strangers: ?
  • Location: 2815 2nd Avenue, Suite 290, Seattle, WA 98121 (Belltown)
  • Price: Ask for quote
  • Team Size: Up to 25 people total, split up into multiple teams
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Booking: https://epicteamadventures.com/contact/ (contact them to arrange a session at their Belltown location or for a corporate event)

#2. Mad Scientist – Quest Factor

Mad Scientist is the first trailer escape room in Seattle. It’s a full escape room game that takes place inside of a trailer that can either be parted at Quest Factor’s new Shoreline location, or at your offsite or event. This trailer game is a fully functioning escape room with tech, automation, and full air-conditioning. The game holds 2-6 people, but you can run multiple groups through it successively if you rent it for your private event.

This game is clearly an action-focused game, where you are tasked with finding and defusing a bomb hidden somewhere inside the trailer. The lab is decorated with various industrial scientific-looking equipment. The climax of the game is quite fun. The game focused strongly on three types of tasks 1) searching 2) following instructions 3) twiddling with things until you get it right. The actual amount of “puzzling” was quite light.

Quest Factor is also opening themselves up to franchising opportunities, so if you’re not based in Seattle and would be interested in opening up some of their games in your location, send them a message.

Quick Facts (to play this game at their new Shoreline location)

  • Beginner-friendly: Yes!
  • Opened: June 2017 (NEW)
  • Play with strangers: No, you will never be grouped up with strangers
  • Location: 1207 N 152nd St Shoreline, WA 98133 (Shoreline)
  • Price: $20 base fee + $20 per person
  • Team Size: 2-6 players per team (we recommend 3-4)
  • Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Booking: http://questfactor.us/

Rent for an event / team-building / party

  • Capacity: Up to 6 per game (and you can run multiple games)
  • Price: Starting at $400. Ask for quote.
  • Booking: http://questfactor.us/

#3. Tales of the Ghostly Galleon – Hourglass Escapes

Tales of the Ghostly Galleon is a particularly family-friendly game, offered in both a mobile format (where they bring the game to your offsite / party) and at their soon-to-be-opened Queen Anne location. The format of the game is quite unique – your party can split up into up to 4 teams of anywhere between 3-5 people. The 4 teams will have copies of the same puzzles and box, and all be racing each other to finish the same objectives. Each team will have their own “treasure chest” centerpiece, which is a delight to open up and uncover the secrets of.

The story is whimsical and delivered by the “famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteaudian”. He’s been trapped on a legendary ghost ship, and you and your team are tasked with identifying key information in order to save him from his fate. The story and the premise are somewhat over-the-top and very appropriate for families (they allow ages 13+ with two adults per child).

The puzzles were somewhat of a stretch when we played, but the owner / designer has improved the puzzles since and we welcome this new format of game accessible and fun both mobile and on-site for groups of up to 20.

Quick Facts (to play this game at their new Queen Anne location)

  • Beginner-friendly: Yes!
  • Opened: June 2017 (NEW)
  • Duration: 70 minutes
  • Team Size: Up to 20 people total, which are split up into up to 4 teams
  • Booking: https://hourglassescapes.com/the-ghostly-galleon/ (They are taking bookings for their mobile version now, and are turning it into a game at their new Queen Anne location in July)

Rent for party / team-building / event

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