Escape Room Jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area

We know of multiple escape room companies hiring game masters (and other roles) in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you know of any more escape room jobs in the Bay Area (or have updated information on any of these), please leave a comment or contact us!

Last updated: January 23, 2018

Most game master jobs are similar in description: they start at the minimum wage, are part-time, require very flexible hours (especially on weekends), and also includes a bunch of various customer service responsibilities.

Companies are listed alphabetically.


We are looking for high energy game administrators with a background in customer service and knows how to entertain a crowd. Your job will be to greet the teams as they arrive, go over the rules and structure of the game, and detail the story of their room. While in play, it will be your responsibility to aid the participants along the puzzles when needed, keep an eye on the gamers, and reset/clean the rooms after a game has concluded. You will also need to be able to be responsive to phone calls and business emails for customer service inquiries.

Head Games SF

Our ideal candidates will be enthusiastic, reliable, quick learners, with excellent attention to detail. Most importantly applicants should have a knack for customer service and hospitality. Acting, comedy or improv experience and an enthusiasm for games and entertaining people is also a plus.

Kuma Escape

The Game Master will be responsible for guiding and creating an immersive experience for players as they work together to escape out of a room! This is a flexible part-time position (1+ days, 4+ games a week) and scheduling can be coordinated with other hosts.

Limitless Escape Games

Limitless Escape Games in Livermore is looking for fun, enthusiastic and responsible individuals to join our team. It is a creative and fun job. We offer part-time positions, flexible schedule.

Paradox Escape

You can remember brief story arcs and deliver them successfully and with endless enthusiasm. You enjoy the team environment but can also run the show solo.


  • City: San Francisco, CA
  • Title: Game Host
  • Commitment: Full-time
  • Pay: ?
  • Apply / Website:

As reactor scientist, you will maintain the safe operation of our facility and help our guests escape the numerous reactor meltdowns we encounter on a daily basis o.O (Don’t worry, it’s a mental challenge, not a physical one)

Ryptic Room Escape

  • City: San Mateo, CA and Mountain View, CA
  • Title: Game Master (they are also hiring an operations manager)
  • Commitment: Part-time / Full-time
  • Pay: $16.00 / hour
  • Apply / Website

The Game Master is responsible for various aspects of managing our rooms and upholding the high standards of the company and its reputation. We are looking for someone with experience in supervising others as well as responding to customer concerns. As a game master, you are a storyteller, advisor, actor and problem solver.

SCRAP / Real Escape Game

As a Crew member, you are a game master, storyteller, advisor, actor and problem solver. You will work in our game rooms and interact directly with the players to deliver entertaining and memorable experiences. We are looking for quick learners with strong attention to detail, but most importantly, applicants should have a knack for hospitality and customer service.

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